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DIALUST has developed a new division offering complete bodywork solutions for the whole range of vehicles. Benefiting from the experience of specialists in bodywork and complementary adaptations, Dialust Bodywork offers complete and complex bodywork solutions for the whole range of goods vehicles. Thus, Dialust covers an increasing demand for technological solutions specific to various economic transport activities such as refrigerated bodies with complete temperature controlled systems or fully equipped trucks for various activities.  


The very good insulation made of polyurethane foam puts our refrigerated boxes at the top of the food safety standards by keeping the cold in without loss. At the same time, the savings made by the low consumption of the refrigeration unit due to the good insulation reduce the costs during transport. We produce refrigerated boxes with partition walls, Bi-temp, with hooked meat systems, with side doors and any other customer requirement as far as technology allows us.

Various accessorisations


Equipped with side doors positioned according to the customer’s wishes, with goods lifting lifts, interior protection and blocking bars, lashing systems and lights, the general cargo vans we produce have great versatility in use and a special exterior appearance given by the finishing accessories.
Designed for freight transport that does not require special thermal insulation, the lightweight boxes are made of 25-40 mm thick polyurethane foam panels, and the floors have TEGO or aluminium deck laminated wood board options.


The quality plus of this type of van is the roof and rear doors.
By making it the same price as the fully tarpaulin-covered van, our van becomes lighter by dispensing with all the superstructure needed for wind and snow resistance.
Also, the insulated panel roof creates a more thermally friendly comfort and a more rigid assembly.
The rear doors provide faster access, greater aesthetics and a superior seal to the van.


Our company specializes in the repair of refrigerated commercial vehicles, general cargo vans, isothermal vehicles, platforms, tarpaulins.

We repair any damage to your vehicle, roof, walls, rear or side doors, floor.

If you have suffered damage to your vehicle caused by wear and tear or impact damage send us an email and request a quote.

Dialust carries out repairs for damaged bodies of refrigerated vans, insulated trucks, refrigerated semi-trailers, insulated vehicles in general, used for temperature-controlled transport of perishable foodstuffs and medicines.

  • Total repair of floor or wear layer
  • Repairs to ceiling, side panels, gable walls, corners
  • Repair side and rear doors, change or repair locks
  • Repairs trailers, semi-trailers, isothermal vans, vans
  • Modifications to fittings, meat systems in hooks ,
  • Painting of insulated boxes and semi-trailers



The added value of our products is the production of polyurethane foam panels with maximum dimensions of 13,800mm x 2,700mm, with thicknesses from 25mm to 150mm (including the largest range of trucks).

The qualities of the panel are given by:

– excellent thermal insulation

– continuity of the foam in the core of the panel (possible thermal bridges made by profiles, reinforcements, anchoring systems in the panel are excluded)
– high mechanical strength, foam density being around 65-75 kg/mc.


The panel faces can be made of:
– High-gloss pure white aluminium Ral 9010
-Steel sheet electrostatically painted in bianco-ghiaccio field
– High-gloss fibreglass
– Impact fibreglass
– Stainless steel sheet

– Or in any of these materials combined as interior/exterior surface.

Panel thicknesses are dictated by the purpose of each box. Our production possibilities ensure a great versatility of panel thicknesses, internal or external dimensions required by the end customer’s interests (an optimal width and length for placing parcels, pallets, crates or a certain height).


In today’s context, where the interest is for the box to be well insulated, lighter, but also more resistant, we are constantly concerned to promote products with superior technical characteristics that meet the requirements of our customers. Reinforcements, chassis fasteners, mudguards, stairs or door locking systems are inserted into the panel before the polyurethane foam is injected. This results in the penetration of foam into the smallest of spaces, a compact foam mass for excellent insulation and a secure fit of these parts into the panel. Prepared for high levels of wear, the floors can be coated on the inside with:
– 3.0 mm aluminium sheet in a single seamless sheet
– fibreglass specially produced for this application in RAL 7016
– epoxy resin.

Like panels, ceilings are made to different thicknesses, and with different surfaces, characteristics that take into account exposure to temperature, wind, or pressure from human or atmospheric factors. Our technology allows us to make cut-outs in the panel field (to fix lighting fixtures), side channels (for cold pipes or de-icing), all produced on CNC machines. The possibility of inserting structures for transporting meat on hooks into ceilings raises the boxes we produce to high-tech standards.


Like side panels, front panels are produced in the same range of thicknesses and outer surfaces. To fix the refrigeration units, they have metal plates inserted before the polyurethane foam is injected, which are drilled and tapped to the dimensions required by the type and size of the refrigeration plant.


Cut-outs in side door panels are made on specially designed machines using modern technology, in the areas where the panels are reinforced, to fix the hinges and the locking system. Hinge systems opening to 270 degrees ensure visibility in the rear-view mirror during local car manoeuvring.


Equipped with windscreens or sleeping cabins, the vans have aerodynamic and modern shapes. Our windscreens can also be height adjustable. Thanks to the high level of aerodynamics, your investment in our cabs pays for itself in the shortest time of use, as it reduces fuel consumption by 15%. At the same time, the sleeper cab allows the user to eliminate accommodation costs.


We incorporate the superstructures produced by new locking systems for both the safety of the goods and the road safety of the truck. Equipped with telescopic bars and lashing systems, the cargo protection systems comply with the regulations in force for traffic on public roads


For impact protection of the panels, at the request of the customers, we add safety strips of different heights and widths, made of steel, stainless steel or PVC, according to the purpose of the box. A good protection of the side panels represents, besides the importance of preserving the technical characteristics of the superstructure, the business card and the image of your company.