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A solution for the lack of qualitative houses and low financial power of consumers, emphasized by the difficulty of obtaining mortgage loans, the Romanian real estate market is perfectly suited to this cheap houses technology, thus providing to a large mass of population the opportunity to build a house with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms, garage, for the price of an average apartment. The elements of building such a house are produced in our own factory, which has the advantage that the elements are manufactured under strict control.
Structures made of high strength metal profiles and low own weight have a high resistance to seismic actions, which is why they are recommended to be successfully used for the construction of residential homes, social buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals as well as for extensions, attic, annexes. Due to the thermal insulation performance of sandwich panels with fireproofed polystyrene insulation far superior to that of masonry, it is possible to increase the useful surface by up to 10% (for a house of 200sqm, for example, a room of 20sqm is gained , without affecting the built area).


The construction of industrial metal halls is one of the main activities carried out by DIALUST. The production of galvanized profiles C, Z, U and Ɛ on continuous lines provides a higher flexibility in the length of the profiles and the short execution times of the orders. All finishing accessories are made on guillotines and modern abcants with 6 and 8 m CNC.
The use of metal halls is indicated both for simple buildings, such as warehouses or commercial spaces, as well as for more complex buildings (offices, showrooms, livestock shelters or tool storage facilities). Dialust provides a wide range of metal halls, modular halls on lightweight or laminated structure. These metal halls have openings between 6 and 20 m and distances between pillars of 4 to 6 m. The length of a metal hall will be the multiple of the distance between pillars and the height will vary between 3 and 8 m. The company can also produce non-standard metal halls, on request, providing its customers with design services according to their needs.
Dialust also provides numerous industrial accessories for complete finishing of metal halls, including: exterior corner, frontage, gable corner, snow fences, roof ridge, apexes, roof element, dripper, inner corner, U profile bordering, pedestal sort or any other accessory that you order, the company having available abcants up to 8 m long and 3 mm thick. Metal halls provide a much easier maintenance than traditional buildings and very light resistance elements, such as cement, solid wood or other traditional building materials.


Metal structures are far less expensive compared to the alternative solutions on the market.
For constructions that require a short execution time, the most immediate solution is to resort to metal structures because they are already executed in standard sizes easily to assemble (thus dismantling is equally easy) to reach the desired configuration of the building. In addition, these metal structures also provide the possibility that the building elements could be partially assembled directly from the factory, thus facilitating the final transport and assembly.


– Industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings (industrial halls, warehouses, production areas, etc.).
-civil constructions / metal dwellings
-annexes (stables, toolboxes, workshops, car service or garages)
-social buildings (churches, enterprises, association headquarters and other groups)
– high scales (communications)


A durable metal hall, in addition to the quality sheet it is built from, is not complete without the right accessories. In this regard, you can trustfully resort to Dialust accessories and screws, our company providing you with a complete range for fast assembly and finishing of metal halls (external corner, gable fascia, roof ridge, roof stand, dripper, inner corner, U-profile bordering, pedestal stand, etc.).
If the screws and most of the accessories presented are obviously indispensable to erect the construction, it is worth mentioning an accessory that, although it seems optional, becomes mandatory for the maintenance of the construction: a roof provided with snow fences protects the gutter system against the slipping of snow accumulations. Together with rainwater systems, the snow fences are not just simple accessories but a necessity for a building to maintain its strength and utility.


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